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Architecture 2030


All Minnesota State bonded projects—both new and substantially renovated—that have not begun their Schematic Design Phase prior to January 1, 2015 will be required to meet the Minnesota Sustainable Building 2030 (SB 2030) 2015-2019 Energy Standard. Projects that have begun their Schematic Design phase prior to this date will be subject to the prior 2010-2014 requirements. Note that several documents below have different versions depending on which Standard is being used.

To Begin the Process

As soon as you have identified that you have a project that is required to use the SB 2030 Energy Standard, contact B3-MSBG Support to get your project set up in the B3-MSBG Tracking Tool. Contact Patrick Smith 612-626-9709 or for assistance.



You can use a Demonstration Version of the SB 2030 Energy Standard Tool, note that inputs to this demonstration version are not saved or transferable to a project file.