Lifecycle Process The process for implementing the guidelines is explained in the Performance Management section. Refer to Guideline P.0 for complete explanations and requirements for the guideline management process. Highlights of the process are described below.

Determine Path and Required Guidelines:

  • Once it has been confirmed that a project must comply with MSBG under either the New Buildings Path or Major Renovations Path, the specific guidelines within MSBG that are required or recommended are determined by the MSBG Compliance Path Table. This table distinguishes requirements for New Buildings from requirements for Major Renovations while allowing reference to a common master set of guidelines. It also distinguishes which guidelines are required for different types of renovations that include different kinds of renovation work.

Project Planning & Work:

  • At the start of each phase (or year of operation), the Guideline Leader reviews the MSBG guidelines and required documentation, plans the tasks to be done for that phase to keep on track for meeting the guidelines, and communicates this with the work team.
  • If exceptions to the MSBG guidelines are sought, the Guideline Leader shall request the variance from the Appropriated Agency (the agency building and operating the building) for Variance Review before the completion of the schematic design phase. This variance request is made for individual guidelines using the B3 Guidelines Tracking Tool.
  • The Work Team for the responsible organization (planning team, design team, construction team, or operations team depending on phase) incorporates MSBG requirements into the work.


  • At the end of the phase, the work team completes the appropriate documentation via the B3 Guidelines Tracking Tool.
  • The Guideline Leader, at the end of each phase (or annually during facility operation,) submits online documentation to the Appropriated Agency for compliance review. The team should archive relevant documentation for that phase (or year) for future reference.

Review and Tracking:

  • The Appropriated Agency reviews and determines if they approve the level of compliance reported by the work team and also any variances requested if applicable.
  • CSBR tracks the status of compliance, variances, documentation, and performance outcomes and summarizes these for the State.