B3 Guidelines Project Team

B3 Guidelines Consultant Team

Center for Sustainable Building Research, University of Minnesota
Richard Graves, Director
William Weber, Senior Research Fellow
John Carmody, Director (retired)
Kerry Haglund, Senior Research Fellow
Richard Strong, Senior Research Fellow
Jonee Brigham, Research Coordinator
Patrick Smith, Research Fellow
Garrett Mosiman, Research Fellow
Rebecca Foss, Research Fellow
Peter MacDonaugh, UofM Faculty and Kestrel Design
Denise Guerin, Professor, Interior Design Program
Terri Bauer, Interior Design Program

The Weidt Group
Tom McDougall, President
David Eijadi
Craig Andemar
Prasad Vaidya
Jason Steinbock
Vinay Ghatti

LHB Inc.
Rick Carter, VP and Marketing Director
David Williams, High Performance Projects Principal
Becky Alexander
Molly Eagen

Other Consultants
Wayne Trusty, Athena Sustainable Materials Institute
Graham Adams, The Adams Group
Ashraf Salama, The Adams Group
Jim Keller, Gausman and Moore
Betty Iwanski, Gausman and Moore
James Wise, Human Factors Consultant
Art Pearce, Idea Works
Jerry Putnam, formerly LHB Inc.
Annette Walby, Kestrel Group
Sarah Sutherland, Kestrel Group
Rachelle Schoessler-Lynn, MSR Architects
Rebecca Ellis, Questions & Solutions
Bob deVeyra, Questions & Solutions
David Grimsrud, University of Minnesota
Robert Gunderson, University of Minnesota

Advisory Team
In the initial stages of the B3 Guidelines Project development, a Project Advisory Team of national and international sustainability experts was assembled to guide the project. We are grateful for their contributions.

Ray Cole, University of British Columbia
Wayne Trusty, Athena Sustainable Materials Institute
Gail Lindsey, Design Harmony Inc.
Joyce Lee, City of New York - Office of Management & Budget
Jim Toothaker, Consultant, High Performance Green Building Services

CSBR would also like to thank the following people for their reviews and contributions to the development of the guidelines: Steve Kvernstoen, Kvernstoen, Ronnholm and Associates, Inc.; Linnea Weyandt, LHB Inc.; Bruce Cornwall, AIA, LHB Inc.; James Brew, AIA, LHB Inc.; Jim Tiggelaar, LHB Inc.; Michael Schroeder, LHB Inc.; Al Vorderbruggen, LHB Inc.; Antoinette "Toni" Stein, Ph.D., State of California Department of Health Services; Scott Alexander, University of Minnesota; Rebecca Kluckhohn, Wenck Associates; Jim Reinertson, The Weidt Group; Leslie Wilson, Carver County; and Met Council. University of Minnesota students who contributed to the project were Corri Kluba and Dan Handeen.

B3 Project Executive Team

State of Minnesota - Department of Commerce
Janet Streff, Manager, State Energy Office
Jessica Burdette, State Energy Office

State of Minnesota-Department of Administration
Wayne Waslaski, Director
Gordon Christofferson
(Previous Executive Team members included Linda Kane, Kath Ouska, Wes Chapman and Jim Jarvis)

Core Advisory Team for B3 Guidelines

Bruce Nelson, Department of Commerce
Rajan Thomas, Department of Administration - Plant Management
Ed Robinson, Department of Administration - Plant Management
Steve Hernick, Department of Administration – BCSD
Mark Wallace, Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
John Strohkirch, Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Peter Paulson, Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Linda Nelson, Department of Health Services (DHS)
Joe Dotson, Department of Health Services (DHS)
Richard L. Post, Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)
Lee Mehrkens, Department of Finance
Bill Sierks, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Laura Millberg, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Laura Oatman, Department of Health
Audrey Bomstad, Department of Children, Families & Learning (CFL)
Tom Vesely, Military Affairs
Todd Christenson, Department of Employee Relations (DOER)
Rolf Nordstrom, Minnesota Planning
Bill Breyfogle, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU)
Sally Grans, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU)
John Grundtner, University of Minnesota
Paul Kroening, Hennepin County (representing Association of Minnesota Counties)
Leslie Wilson, Carver County (representing Association of Minnesota Counties)