Version 2.2 Changes

Version 2.2 of the B3 Guidelines has been completed and the print version is now available. This update is primarily intended to improve clarity in response to feedback received through the guidelines management process. Major changes include a new guideline related to Bird-Safe design (S.14), updates and clarifications to the stormwater and soil guidelines (S.2 and S.3), and an updated and re-ordered commissioning guideline sections (P.3 through P.5).

Projects beginning the Schematic Design phase on or after May 1, 2013 are required to use Version 2.2 of the B3 Guidelines. Projects beginning the Schematic Design phase before this date are allowed to continue with their current guideline version. Projects may elect to use a specific Version 2.2 guideline in lieu of an earlier version if they choose.

In order to accommodate these new guidelines the tracking tool will be updated, with expected release mid-April. Projects using previous versions will still be accommodated by the tracking tool without penalty, though you may notice some changes. The B3 Guidelines website is currently also being updated to reflect these guideline changes.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact Patrick Smith at 612-626-9709 or for assistance.