Best of B3

The State of Minnesota is leading the nation in requiring 80% more energy efficient State buildings in an effort to have all State construction carbon neutral by 2030. Designed to increase energy efficiency and sustainability, the State of Minnesota’s Buildings, Benchmarks, and Beyond (B3) programs were developed for and are required on State-funded projects in Minnesota.

Now hosted every two years, the Best of B3 Awards honor the achievements of B3 program participants.

Other Years

In 2019, the decision was made to issue awards once every two years, alternating the Best of B3 Awards event with a B3 celebration event every other year. The first B3 Celebration took place in 2020.

Finalist Selection Process

The Best of B3 awards are given to organizations and projects that have shown leadership in improving their sustainability through their participation in the B3 programs.

Best of B3 Design finalists are selected from among all B3 Guidelines projects based on timely submission of B3 Guidelines documentation, predicted non-energy sustainable performance (water efficiency, biodiversity, sustainable materials, etc.), and number of optional guidelines pursued.

Best of SB 2030 finalists are selected based on their design energy use intensity as compared to their SB 2030 Energy Standard.

Best of B3 Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) finalists are selected based on achieving high levels of occupant satisfaction in the Sustainable Post-Occupancy Evaluation process.

Best of B3 Benchmarking finalists are selected based on year over year improvement in their benchmark ratio, an indication of improved energy efficiency compared to code-based benchmarks.