Materials and Waste Guidelines

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M.3 Waste Reduction and Management

Minimize use of resources and negative environmental impacts through careful reduction and management of wastes generated during the construction process and building occupancy.

Required Performance Criteria

  1. Minimize construction waste through detailing and specifications
    Minimize waste generated from construction, renovation and demolition of buildings through detailing and specifications.
  2. Divert 75% construction and demolition waste from landfill
    Divert at least 75% (by weight) construction, demolition, and land clearing debris from landfill disposal.
  3. Design and Operate to reduce and recycle waste generated during building operation
    Design to reduce operational waste and recycle at least 50% (by weight) of the waste generated during building operation. Provide dedicated recycling areas, processing and holding space, and reverse distribution space in the building.

Recommended Performance Criteria

  1. Divert an additional 15% (90% total) construction waste
    Reuse, recycle and/or salvage an additional 15% (90% total by weight) of the construction, demolition, and land clearing waste.
  2. Reuse or return 50% of all packaging material
    Reuse or return 50% of all packaging material (by weight) to suppliers or manufacturers. Reduce and recycle packaging waste associated with the construction process, and encourage manufacturers to ship their product using reusable, recyclable, returnable, or recycled content packaging.

Compliance Tools and Resources
For Item A, B and D above:

For Item C and E above:

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Supplemental Resources

  • MN Materials Exchange. Provides links to MPCA's hazardous waste rules and fact sheets for each special waste. Links to EPA's C&D Debris web site.
  • The MPCA web page on Efficient Transport Packaging Options is an excellent resource for reducing packaging waste. Includes a searchable directory on Reuseable Transport Packaging.
  • The Resourceful Waste Management Guide (RWM Guide) is produced by the Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board (SWMCB.) The SWMCB is a joint powers board of six metropolitan counties for the purpose of planning and coordinating solid waste management activities. The RWM Guide provides a list of Twin Cities material outlets which building owners, contractors, or design professionals can contact to recycle demolition waste and donate equipment, materials, and other items generated from a building demolition. The following sections of the RWM Guide relate to building demolition: Donation Opportunities; Appliances; Building Materials Reuse, Computers, Electronics, and Office Machines; Concrete and Bituminous Asphalt; Fluorescent Lamps, Landscaping and Tree Waste; Office Furniture and Equipment; Railroad Ties; Scrap Metal; Textiles; and Wood Waste.

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