Performance Management Guidelines

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P.0 Guideline Management

Track compliance, define a method of variances and collect information to measure outcomes leading to continual improvement of the Guidelines.

Required Performance Criteria

  1. Follow Agency process for guideline management or follow Appendix P-0b Guideline Management Supporting Information. In either case, contact to set up the project in the B3 Guidelines Tracking Tool and then starting in Agency Planning Phase complete required information and submit at the end of each phase. Use of the online tracking tool is required for compliance with B3 Guidelines.
  2. Use Agency Variance process or follow Variance Review Process when appropriate (see Appendix P-0b). The agency variance process must include at least the elements shown in the Variance Review Process. Requirements related to the SB 2030 Program are not subject to the Agency Variance Process.

Recommended Performance Criteria

  1. Share the story of your project and apply for awards programs for recognition.
  2. Use the B3 Guidelines Tracking Tool as a Project Archive that serves as the performance planning, design, and ongoing maintenance history of the project (see Appendix P-0a). Utilizing optional narrative fields and file uploads, this body of information could include: performance parameters and basis for design, design actions taken towards B3 Guidelines criteria, ongoing monitoring, measurement and verification over time, actions to resolve problems over time, and results of those actions. It includes all reports. The Guideline Leader and Work Team maintain the Project Archive in each phase and facilitate its transition to leaders of following phases.

Related B3 Guidelines Documents

  • Appendix P-0a Suggested Implementation for All Performance Management Guidelines
  • Appendix P-0b Guideline Management Supporting Information

Supplemental Resources

  • The Minnesota Governor's Office, the Minnesota Environmental Initiative and the Minnesota Waste Wise Initiative offer awards and recognition programs, including the coveted Governors Awards for Excellence in Waste and Pollution Prevention, the Enviromental Initiative Award and the Minnesota Waste Wise Leaders Awards.
  • The United States Green Building Web Site: "The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings." Buildings can be rated as Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

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