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For information and questions regarding the Sustainable Post Occupancy Evaluation Survey (SPOES) contact guidelines@b3mn.org.

B3 Post Occupancy Evaluation Team

Center for Sustainable Building Research, University of Minnesota

Richard Graves, Director, CSBR

Pat Smith, Senior Research Fellow, B3/SB2030 Project Manager

Liz Kutschke, Research Fellow

B3 Buildings use the SPOES

This online survey takes occupants approximately 10 minutes to complete. It has been developed to:

  • Meet B3 Guidelines requirement (FREE administration and analysis for B3 buildings)
  • Examine occupants’ satisfaction with the IEQ criteria in their physical environments
  • Generate an IEQ Score of occupants’ satisfaction
  • Measure “vital signs” of the building’s IEQ based on occupants’ perceptions
  • Direct attention to areas of success or those needing improvement
  • Compare IEQ of building to benchmarks

The SPOES is required and is free to B3 buildings. It is also available for non-B3 buildings for a fee (see Fee Schedule). It is administered and analyzed by B3 staff.