Performance Management Guidelines

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P.4 Design and Construction Commissioning

Verify that the building is constructed and calibrated to meet the design intent as represented in contract documents (which includes meeting performance criteria of the Agency, including B3 Guidelines as represented in the contract documents.)

Required Performance Criteria

  1. Develop and refine a commissioning scope and project budget in programming and schematic design. The project budget should include sufficient dedicated funds to cover commissioning activities not already in other agency or departmental budgets. For Renovations Path projects, the team shall determine the commissioning budget adequate to fulfill the B3 Guidelines commissioning requirements for the scope of the renovations work.
  2. Review and comment on the compatibility of the design with the Operations Commissioning Plan. (See Guideline P.5 Operations Commissioning.)
  3. Develop and implement a commissioning process for the project. At a minimum, the commissioning process used must include the elements listed in Appendix P-4a Design and Construction Commissioning Supporting Information and Appendix P-4b Design and Construction Commissioning Matrix.
  4. Scope of items to be commissioned
    1. Systems Commissioning: Mechanical HVAC system including testing, adjusting and balance, energy (including renewable) systems, power and electrical systems, including lighting and daylighting controls; indoor air quality elements and systems. See Appendix P-4a for more details on requirements under Design and Construction Commissioning Plan.

Recommended Performance Criteria

  1. Additional scope of Commissioning:
    1. Plumbing Systems
    2. Interior materials (specification, installation)
    3. Envelope integrity
    4. Physical measurement of vibrations/acoustics/noise

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