Energy and Atmosphere Guidelines

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E.1 Energy Efficiency

For pre-MN2030 Buildings, ensure annual energy costs are reduced by at least 30% as required by the Minnesota Legislature. This can be achieved by using either guideline E.1A or E.1B (E.1B is only for applicable pre-SB 2030 buildings under 30,000sf).

For Buildings subject to MN 2030, the project must meet custom energy targets as determined by the MN2030 program.

Criteria E.1A and E.1B are not listed below as they are not available pathways to compliance for B3 Guidelines for projects beginning Schematic Design phase on or after August 1, 2009. Projects beginning the Schematic Design Phase on or after August 1, 2009 are required to complete both E.1C and E.1D. Projects starting Schematic Design phase prior to August 1, 2009 may refer to version 2.1 of the B3 Guidelines for text of E.1A and E.1B.

Required Performance Criteria

    1. Meet MN SB 2030 Energy Standards, which can be found at Results and compliance are tracked in the B3 Guidelines Tracking Tool.
    2. Document predicted and actual energy use by type
      For all New Buildings and Major Renovations, document predicted and actual energy use by type in the B3 Guidelines Tracking Tool, including recording modeled plugloads and sub-metered actual plugloads separately from other electrical loads in the built project.

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