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Guideline E.3: Efficient Equipment and Appliances


To reduce energy use associated with plug loads and process loads in buildings. These strategies may also contribute to meeting the SB 2030 Energy Standard if using a performance approach (documenting design energy use with a simulation).

Required Performance Criteria

  1. Select new equipment and appliances that meet Energy Star criteria.

Implementation in the Design Process:

Budget for energy efficient (Energy Star) equipment and appliances in early planning phases.

During construction documents, provide drawings, cut sheets, and specifications highlighting compliance of equipment and appliances with Energy Star requirements. Document efficiency ratings of motors and drives, water service equipment, and other electrical load components. During construction administration, review shop drawings to assure compliance with energy efficient equipment specifications.

Final Design:

  • E.3A: Verification of specification of Energy Star appliances for available appliance types.


  • E.3A: Verification of selection of Energy Star appliances for available appliance types.