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B3 Guidelines v3.2r01 Appendices:

Appendix P-0c: B3 Guidelines Applicability Form

Appendix P-1a OPR and BoD Template

Appendix P-1b1: Design and Construction Commissioning Process

Appendix P-1b2: Commissioning Roles

Appendix P-1e: Indoor Air Quality Plan Template

Appendix S-2c: Outdoor Water Calculator

Appendix S-2d: Building Water Calculator

Appendix S-4 Site Albedo Calculator

Appendix S-5a: Bird Safe Calculator

Appendix S-5f: Bird Safe Monitoring Worksheets

Appendix S-5m: Bird Safe Building Narrative Template

Appendix E-2a: User Guide – Levelized Cost of Energy Calculator, Predesign Phase

Appendix E-2b: Levelized Cost of Energy Calculator, Predesign Phase

Appendix E-2c: Levelized Cost of Energy Calculator, Design Phase

Appendix I-2a: Glaser Calculator

Appendix I-2b: Qualitative Moisture Assessment Worksheet

Appendix I-4: Enclosure Thermal Comfort Worksheet

Appendix I-5: Lighting Attributes Worksheet

Appendix M-1: Material Selection Calculator

Appendix M-2: Environmentally Preferable Materials

Appendix M-3b1: Example Specification Language for Construction Waste Management

Appendix M-3b2: Construction Waste Recycling Economics Calculator

Appendix M-3b3: Packaging Waste Recycling Economics Calculator

B3 Guidelines Supporting Documents:

Guidance for Projects Using Asset Preservation Funding (PDF)

Guidance for Variances (PDF)

Transition to Operations (PDF)