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Indoor Environmental Quality


To provide high quality indoor environmental conditions to promote occupant health, well-being, and productivity. This is achieved through both the reduction of the conditions that contribute to negative outcomes, and support for the conditions associated with increased health, comfort, and productivity.

Indoor Environmental Quality GuidelinesNew BuildingsMajor Renovations
I.1 Low-Emitting MaterialsRequiredRequired for Newly Installed Materials
I.2 Moisture and Water ControlRequiredRequired if Exterior Envelope is in Scope
I.3 VentilationRequiredRequired
I.4 Thermal ComfortRequiredRequired
I.5 Lighting and DaylightingRequiredRequired
I.6 Effective AcousticsRequiredRequired
I.7 View Space and Window AccessRequiredRequired
I.8 Ergonomics and Physical ActivityRequiredRequired
I.9 Wayfinding and Universal AccessRequiredRequired

General Indoor Environmental Quality information:

The following information is collected in the Indoor Environmental Quality Section of the B3 Guidelines Tracking Tool, under Section P.0:

Final Design:

  • Indoor environmental quality strategies used, including narrative.


  • Updated Indoor environmental quality strategies used, including narrative.